Blue Line Barbershop

5 Railroad Ave

Swampscott, MA, 01907

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[05/25/20]   Sorry that the barber shop is not permitted to trim any facial hair . Can't wait to have our freedom of choice back in our lives!!
[05/09/20]   As of now the opening date is May 18th I can reopen.
But they lied to me last time I could open April 7th ,The Health board doesn't keep you updated with any documents so I'm crossing fingers to open I can't wait to see everyone again!!! hope to see you soon ,
blue line barber shop
[04/07/20]   We are closed until May 18th until they change there minds again.
[04/05/20]   I will re open on April 7th 2020 .. see you soon dont forget to book your appointments !! pls share the hell out of this post plz&thank you
[03/28/20] Barber shop relief from Corona Virus organized by Ilias Macintyre Blue Line Barber Shop has been established since Jan 24,2013 .We are a small busi… Ilias Macintyre needs your support for Barber shop relief from Corona Virus
[03/27/20]   I have the shop phone with me it receives texts messages 😉😉😉
[03/22/20]   The barbershop will be closed after today till April 6th 2020 thank you for the support I'll have the shop phone with me it receives text messages 😉😉🙊
[03/21/20]   Just got the notice thatI have to shut down starting this Monday !!! last day is tomorrow open Sunday 11am -7pm
[03/21/20]   I'll be open on this Sunday 11-7pm book now for your haircut before the shut down
[03/20/20]   blue line barber shop is open...
[03/17/20]   Hair done by
[11/28/19]   Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving Fri 12-8pm see you then Blue Line Barber Shop - Google Search Now open Sundays 3-7pm. for Nov Dec 2019 Haircuts, hot-towel shaves & more
[10/28/19]   Now open on Sundays 3-7pm for Nov and Dec.. - hair stylists, barbers, beauticians... book appointments online! Yes We are open on Mon Oct 14th normal business hours book your appointments on see you soon book appointments online. Find & book beauty services like hairdressing, manicure, spa or massage. Check prices & reviews!
[05/09/19]   we are waiting for the power to be restored in the neighborhood sorry for the inconvenience.
[03/13/18]   Due to the weather we will be closed today, sorry for the inconvenience we will be working regular working hours tomorrow.
[02/07/18]   another snowy day but we are still open..
[01/04/18]   Due to the weather the shop will be closed today..sorry for the inconvenience.

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Blue Line Barbershop

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