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Fund-raising wrist bands for sale at Hair Razor $6 each! All proceeds go to deferring the cost of special equipment my sister LynnAnne will be needing to continue her stroke recovery when she comes home. She suffered a stroke back on August 8th and has been up in Boston working hard on getting better and stronger each day it has been a long road and she has road ahead of her but she is taking it all step by step. If you are interested in showing your support please stop on by for a wristband! She and our family thank you!!!!
Was tagged in this on Instagram by a longtime client. Super true and funny so just had to share. Thanks Victoria!!!!
[10/22/20]   Notice to Clients:
I understand that life happens and at times appointments can slip our minds, that being said the schedule is packed from now until New Year's Eve! There are plenty of people who be happy to get an appointment so put your scheduled appointments on you calendar as a reminder and if you can not make it please be courteous and call with 24hrs notice so the spot can be filled. It is hard to scramble at the last minute trying to get someone to fill it on just only a moments notice! This is not fair to me as a business owner and stylist, starting on Friday October 23rd if there is no phone call to cancel there will be an additional charge at your next appointment $15 on missed chemicals and $5 on all other services. Thank you for your understanding. This notice will also be posted in salon!!
Jackie with her new cut!!!! Love, love ,love this style on you!!!
Raffle winner for the 15th year celebration! Thanks to all those who stopped in for the grab bags and raffle. Congrats to Ryan, Doris, and Delores on being the 3 prize winners. I will be passing out grab bags all during the month of August so if you have an appointment on the schedule you will be getting an extra treat with your haircut!!!!
[08/07/20]   Rhode Island clients, just spoke to Tiverton Police. You can travel in to Fall River as long as you are back same day. So no you do not need to cancel!
[08/06/20]   Friday 10-1 & 2:30-5
Saturday 9-1stop by for your grab bag and raffle ticket!
[08/06/20]   Heads up if the state pulls us back to phase 2 eyebrow waxing will not be available! I am looking in to the details to see if and when it goes into effect!
[08/05/20]   Update: I will now provide eyebrow waxings services!

No lip wax or breard trims due to mask wearing and no mani/pedi due to face/face for longer time period.
Stop in Friday August 7 10am-1pm or 2:30pm-5pm
Satuday August 8th
9am-1pm to grab your favor bag, snap a picture & enter the raffle!!!
[08/04/20]   15 year ago today, I opened the door of Hair Razor and did my first client in my very own business. Everyday since has been blessed. Meeting wonderful people sharing smiles and laughs getting people ready for the best times. Sometimes tears getting people ready for worst times. I would not trade and of. Every last bit if these last 15 years has helped me to become who I am today. Thank you of course to all my people who come in each day and support my small business you have given me more then any of you know so thank you! Thank you also to my family who have helped so my over these years every bit of help is beyond appreciated and I hope I make all of you proud everyday!
[07/24/20]   August will mark Hair Razors 15th birthday! Asking customers to stop by on friday the 7th or saturday the 8th! Come up to the door and knock or just pull up and beep! We will be handing out celebration favors of travel size products and candies. You will also be entered to win one of 3 gift baskets. Not to worry everything will be properly sanitized during the package and passing out process! This is mine and my family's way if thanking each if you for 15 fantastic years! Friday hours 10am-1pm and 2:30pm-5pm Saturday hours 9am-1pm. Please stop by to share in the celebration , grab your favor and maybe take a celebration selfie it means the world to me that you all have taken to time over these years to support my small business!!!!
[07/01/20]   Last two clients no call no shows! Tried my 4pm to see if she was on her way, no answer gave her a few more mins figuring she might be on her way over. Nope! So I move down my call list to see if I can fill that spot with another cut but the client I called would not be able to make it until 4:30 I had to say I could not wait for that time because I had a 4:45 client and I could not cut into his time. Then low and behold my 4:45 did not show up either!!!! One of those days I guess. Just wish I had a heads up so I could have filled those spots with people who have been waiting!!!!!
Nice summertime highlights for Stephanie!!!!
I just dont know what to say to some people anymore. The constant questioning of why as a business I have to do things a certain way right now, is to be honest overwhelming. It does not matter to me what they are doing in the salon you friend or mom or brother go to. I am following all of the requirements and then some based on my doctors suggestion so I can be at work safely to do eveyones hair. That being said my signage was what the state had to offer and my type up of the guidelines, i had to fill in and printout to have on hand incase of safety inspection. If as a business I am non compliant I get shut down. If customers want to keep up with the arguments with me over what is required I will close temporarily until it is completely safe for myself and compliant customers do not have to worry about the spread of covid-19. I would hate to have to do that because I love my job and getting to see and talk to all my amazing people. I should not have to go into my own business and worry about my safety in more ways then one. I know this sounds like a huge rant but it is what it is. Here is the guidelines issues by the state and papers I had to fill in for the states inspector. If you do not agree with what is listed on here and have an appointment scheduled please call and cancel to free up the time slots for those who will come in safely.
[06/10/20]   No comments necessary just a note to customers because this has happened alot over the past 2 weeks since I reopened. Client A and Client B may both be getting a wash,cut,blowdry or both a color,cut,blowdry but after 20 years of doing this for a living I have my clients all timed out really well because I have got to know your hair. So while client A may take 45mins for a service client B may take an hour an 15mins for the same thing because her hair is longer or thicker. Please dont just take it upon yourselves to send someone in your time slot and plan on taking theirs. I have you all timed out accordingly and I can not have people just changing up the schedule on me. It has been put in place according to the states guidlines so there is enough time to clean for my health and safety and your. So if you ask and the answer is NO now you know why and it is what it is. There are only so many hours in a day. I can not keep apologize for the inconvenience on your end. This pandemic it not my fault and has inconvenienced each of us, I am doing all I can to get things done properly.
[06/05/20]   Currently booked out to the first week of August. If you call to book for then you can ask to be put on a call list if there are any earlier openings that pop up!
Somethings are just to funny not to share! This is how amazing you look getting a cap highlight while following safety rules. FYI cap hilight is a good way to do some blending if you are thinking of maybe keeping your quarentine grey. Thanks for be a good sport Cuz!!!!
[05/30/20]   To each who have given in different ways to make sure my small business had and will have all it needs to be open safely, I thank you! Your kindness is appreciated!
[05/27/20]   All set to open with our new limited schedule tommorow following the cleaning and sanitation rules of the state and reccomend precautions from my docs . Worked in 9 weeks of cancellation into just about 6 1/2 weeks. Some folks declined cause they do not feel safe and I 100% . We have a stand by list of people who didnt have an appointment in the shutdown time frame and we are starting the calls to get them in the schedule. It looks like right now the wait for those clients it starting with the later half of July. We apologize for the inconvenience but if things start to change and we can start ti get in a few more people will will recall clients to push them up earlier. As always stay safe and healthy and we hope to see you all as soon as possible!
[05/26/20]   Just a heads up! If we have contacted and left you a message about appointment times please return the call to confirm within 48hrs so we know if you will be taking it. We will have to move on to the next customer on the waiting list! Thank you for your understanding!
More signage ready to roll! Oh yeah and goggles!!!!
[05/21/20]   All our signage ready to roll. Started calling the first week worth of cancelled clients. Organized all my sanitation and cleaning products. Just a few more things and I should be good. Fingers crossed!! Here are the notices so you all have a heads up. No joke it's alot but it the rules. Oh and did a covid sanitation certificate class just to make sure i had all the details.
[05/20/20]   Update: some good news I have made progress in getting things in place to open. Waiting on my screen door because a rule is we need to be able to open doors or windows and of course still be able to keep out people who do not want to follow protocol. That should be in mid week of next week. Beauty suppliers will all start to open for curbside pick ups only on tuesday because if memorial day. So I have my list ready and hopefully they have all I need. Found most of my cleaning supplies and have been given some by some awesome customers. Did all my markings and have up some of my signage. The rest will be up tomorrow. If all things come in to place I am hoping for Thursday. If you had an appointment that had to be cancelled over these past 9 weeks fingers crossed you all start to here from me by early next week. I will update as things progress and post all the signage so you knkw whats what! Continue to stay safe!
[05/19/20]   To all the wonderful customer who have offered to help by trying to assist in getting those hard to find items like, sanitizer, lysol spray , clorox wipe, hard surface lysol, gloves and disposable masks thank you so much for your kindness as a small business owner I truly appreciate the effort from my customer to be there and help when thay can. If you have an extra put it aside with me in mind and if I can not find what I need I will let you know. I would never take for anyone anything that was not needed. These are things we all need at this time. Today I am going to do my best to get as much as I can done so that I can start to get in the limited amount of people that I am allowed at some point the week of the 25th. I will post the new tempory pandemic hours and the other new details when I have an exact day I will have all of requirements gathered for next week. Thanks everyone!
[05/18/20]   Notice to Hair Razor Clients: I know you all must have seen or heard in the news that salons will be able to open as of May 25th! keep in mind they also told those of us who working this profession to go to the Massachusetts site to find out our new safety guidelines. there is a list a mile long and each and every one of these guidelines must be met in order to reopen. as all of you know sanitation products are in high demand right now and are hard to find we need to have all of that provided in order to open, hour changes to provide deep cleanings, open door ventilation devices need to be put in place. Proper spacing markers need to be put both inside and outside of the business, Safety dividers need to be put in place.Even with neck strips being used capes can not be reused so if i can not find in supply store more will have to be ordered so there might be a wait on that. I have to get safety goggles and lots of extra gloves which again if cannot be found will need to be ordered and waited for. right down to having to change my shirt in between every single customer.. in the 2 hours since Gov. Baker spoke the has been loads of calls and messages, I want you all to know it is as simple as guess what you can open. because it is not. there are new rules , new regulations to this so called "NEW NORMAL" getting your hair done is not going to look the same as it has in the past. you will be told this when appointments are made and it will all be posted because guess what posting it is the new rule. So please give it a minute. I will most likely be open for the 25th to do as much as I can. If it gets to a point that i need to wait on any safety items that is what I will do I will not put my health in jeopardy over hair and you should not want to put yours in jeopardy either. Sorry for being long winded, continue to stay safe and we will start making calls to rebook people keep in mind there are 9 weeks of customers so far so even if you were on the schedule it may be a few weeks because we are calling in order of cancellation, please understand this because if you were the first one who was cancelled on march 23rd you would want to be the first call so there will be no cutting the line!
Don't forget your Mom this Mother's Day weekend! May 10th is her day!!!! Need a gift card we can help you out. Just message me with the amount and your email address and I will send you out an invoice and schedule your pick up!!!!!
[05/04/20]   Recieved so sad news yesterday. My oldest customer at almost 95 years old passed Saturday. She had been coming to Hair Razor for the whole time I have been in business. She lived close by and popped in one day to say hi and check out the new local "beauty parlor"as she called it and decided to an appointment after talking to me for a few minutes. I saw her every Friday after that for the next almost 15 years. We over the years had grown to be fantastic friends. She always had said we were an odd pair because you dont usually see friends with such a big age gap. Every week when I asked how she was doing she liked to say "I'm in pretty good shape for the shape I'm in!" Every week we would chat away about anything and everything. Life, husbands, family,food, work, vacations, pets,cars,sex she covered it all. Lol. She would even call during the week just to day hi sometimes if she found herself bored at home. We had alot of laughs and some tears together over these years. She went to the hospital for treatment if her COPD it is believed that is where she picked up covid-19. Her age and COPD made it to much for her to fight. I will miss you very much my friend and all of the fun we had together Fridays will never be the same without you! ❤
Dont get me wrong I appreciate that people like how I style their hair and I dont want this to be taken offensively by anyone but I just had to share this little visual aid for the those few who keep calling about getting into the salon for a haircut or color and comment that they best not be asked to wear a mask when they can come in. Some people just dont seem to understand. This is why places are shut down, this is why distance is needed, this is serious and this why we need masks on our faces. If it is not understood after looking at this then there is just no way your going to get it. 🤓
[05/01/20]   Update: so as all of u have seen and heard on the news Gov.Baker has the shelter in place order until at least May 18th. From what was said there are hopes that certain types of businesses will open with a bit more freedoms to see if it cause any spread of covid-19 . If not other types of businesses will be able to follow. Hands on businesses such as Salons will not be within the first groups that get to open due to the fact that we will still need social distancing and it will be hard to do your hair from 6 feet away and we will all have to have on masks for safety i am sure That being said no dates have been given as of yet but it is looking more like we will not be able to open until sometime in June if the first groups of businesses do not cause a large surge of infection. I do not know much about store bought color brands but I know enough to about a few to advise you on what will help blend any roots that by now are popping out. So please do not hesitate to messgae me with a question or call the salon I call will be return within a day or two. Until we can all back back to the salon take care and be safe!!!!!
So since only 2 people decided to play our " stay at home hair selfie" game. Both of you deserve a prize!!! For playing along!
I guess that means the rest of you must have started chipping away at it yourself or have huge roots! Susan and Heather these are the priducts to chise from let me know which one you want!
Send us a selfie to the inbox we will make a client quarantine collage! Let us all see how your letting your fly during social distancing!!! Everyone who plays along will be entered to win a Paul Mitchell product! Winner's choice!!!!! Winner will be picked on Saturday April 25th!!!!! So Hair Razor clients shows those styles!!! I will start!!!! Fell free to comment a hello to all your fellow Hair Razor friends!!!

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